My Average Gross on the Front End is $3,000…

“I was in construction before I started at my dealership 3 years ago…”

“My dealership is very pro training, and very pro Joe Verde. They send us to classes and we have JVTN® to keep learning more every day. I compare what I learn in Joe’s classes and online to having a set of blueprints used in construction. If I wanted a structure we were building to turn out correctly, I would follow the plans exactly how they were drawn. If I got off track on the building, I would take out the blueprints, reexamine them and make adjustments that were necessary.

Now I follow the sales processes Joe lays out step-by-step, and when I realize I’m off track in Joe’s 8-Step Process, I go over it again and again, then get back on track.

Also, I just came back from Joe’s Business Development Workshop and am now implementing unsold follow-up, prospecting, using handwritten thank you cards and incorporating all this into an action plan. I asked myself, ‘Do I want to wait on ups, in the cold or heat, or do I want a steady stream of appointments?’ Joe knows the answer to that and now, so do I!

I came back from the workshop and showed the staff how to change how we work the deal and we all benefit with a greater down payment and higher gross by making a few easy changes.

Thanks to my dealership for their dedication in providing consistent training by sending all our sales staff to workshops and for providing JVTN® for our continued education.

My average gross on the front end is $3,000 and my commission per unit is $750 to $1,000. My first year I made $60K, the second year I made $77K, and I am at $110K in my third year. And to give kudos to our store, we had not been able to reach a goal of 100 pre-owned cars in the last 5 years, but in July we hit 101!

Joe, thanks for helping me realize that my potential in this business is enormous!”

– Jon Krabbe, Sales Consultant, Colorado


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Words Will Make or Break the Sale

“Your first few seconds and your first few words will usually make or break the sale.”

How can a sale that usually takes a couple hours be so affected by the first 20 seconds?

That’s easy, a lot of critical things happen very quickly when you meet someone.

The first few seconds…

The prospect’s first impression of you and your dealership starts forming as they’re pulling onto the lot.

Next comes you; your approach, how quickly you greet them, your attitude, how you act, and how you’re dressed.

Your first few words…

Most salespeople just can’t stop asking, ‘what can I do for you’ or ‘how can I help you’ – which generates their first negative response of ‘we’re just looking’ or something similar.

It’s easy to make a bad first impression, get a quick objection, and blow the sale in under a minute, and in less than 20 words!

Those first 20 seconds aren’t guaranteed to make the sale for you, but they can cost you the sale.

Dress like a pro, act like a pro, and put a spring in your step & a smile on your face as you greet every person properly.

Just do those things, and you’ll more than double your chances of making your next sale.


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Developing Confidence Is A Step By Step Process

The best way to overcome fear, is to develop your skills, which will mean more sales, which in turn will give you more confidence.

1. Develop more skills. I was afraid of price and of closing, too, until I developed my skills. Now I realize ‘No’ isn’t important – ‘Yes’ is what you’re looking for, and the more skills you develop, the more often you’ll get the OK.

2. Bulk up gradually. If you’re afraid to ask for the order 5 times, that’s OK, ask once. Then as you’re developing your skills, ask two times. Next week, up it to 3, and add one more each week. By the end of the month, you’ll have that 80% stat working for you.

3. Put your fears into perspective. In real life … what’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you pick up the phone and call someone?

What’s the worst that can happen if you ask for the order and keep hearing ‘no’?

There is no ‘worst’ thing … nobody will hit you if you ask them to buy or if you call to say hi after the sale, or call the police if you ask for a referral.

How about looking on the positive side for a change? If you ask everyone to buy 6 times, it’s just a fact, more will buy.

If you contacted 5 service customers or orphan owners a day and ask my 5 easy prospecting questions … that’s 25 a week and 100 more contacts you’d make this month, and whether you’re good or bad at selling, you’ll bump into a buyer or two in spite of yourself.

Just boldly go where most people in sales don’t – and don’t worry, you’ll do fine. And always remember…

Nothing Bad Happens Unless You Do Nothing


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Huge Tip

Huge tip on practicing that helped me a lot…

You know you need practice to get better, right? In real life, the best practice is with a customer because it’s ‘real’.

Find a sparring partner…

The very best customer to practice on is someone you’re absolutely convinced can’t or won’t buy anything from you, no matter what you say.

Whether it’s the lunch time shopper, a kid on his bike, the couple just dreaming about a new car, or ‘Bad Bob’, the worst price shopper on the planet with the, “I hate people who sell cars” attitude – give them everything you’ve got.

Do not talk about price, just ask them every question you can remember, bypass price when it comes up, rephrase it if you get a price objection, take them on a demo, and pull out your Weekly Pocket Guide and follow my steps to selling and closing (see page 44 & 45).

Go through the Landmark Closes, Assumptive Sold Line, & Seriously Now Closes. Use a dozen Action Closes, practice your Silent Walkaround on their trade, get the mileage, MPG and maintenance info, and then start walking towards the showroom as you ask your final closing question.

Also write them up if you can, and practice your 3-pass negotiation process, too. When you’ve used up everything you know – do it again. Seriously, if they’ll keep talking to you, do a recap, “Bob, just to make sure I understand…”, and start all over. If that didn’t work say, “Hang on a minute,” and look through your workbook for something you might have missed.

Do this at least once a day with that customer you’re sure won’t buy. Then make quick notes on what you need to work on and do it again tomorrow.

You’ll be shocked the first time you sell one of these customers, but if you’ll practice on them every chance you get, I guarantee you’ll sell more cars overall, and deliver some of them, too.


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Online Training Helped Internet Sales

JVTN® Improved His Internet Sales

“I just wanted to thank you and Joe Verde for all the help. When I changed to the auto industry I had a lot of sales experience and studied many of the most popular sales methodologies. JVTN® really helped me understand how to apply those skills to the automotive industry and adapt them for the internet. Your constant ‘support’ has always kept me on the ball and focused. I have completed many of Joe’s online courses multiple times and continue to absorb something or refresh myself every chapter I take. Thanks again! The Joe Verde Training & System works and is amazing!”

– John Potvin, Internet Sales Consultant, ON, Canada

Blurred Lines Between Selling & Closing

See what I mean about the blurred lines between selling and closing?

Everything you do to bring a customer into the dealership; turning incoming calls into appointments, prospecting in service, and retaining your sold customers – moves the sale forward.

Everything you do in Steps 1-4 of our 8-Step Basics, from your attitude, to your greeting, to your investigation, and your targeted demo and presentation – moves the sale forward.

When you control the conversation and keep it on track by not letting it focus on price instead of value, you’re also moving the sale forward.

Creating urgency helps you close, using CRIC on objections, and obviously mastering effective ‘closes to overcome different objections’, mean closing. Then there’s closing in the negotiation (working the deal), and those final closes to wrap it up so they take it home now.


When you look at “selling”, give it a 50/50 split between selling and closing. Just remember, 71% said they bought because they liked their salesperson.

Farmers thrive on repeats and referrals so they have the 71% edge right away, and don’t have to become great closers.

Great closers have an advantage with every customer, but they can get tripped up when there’s not much floor traffic, if they haven’t developed their repeat and referral business.

The Sweet Spot

The real sweet spot is to be in that group of “Farmers Who Can Sell”. They’re the salespeople who hit those $100,000+ yearly incomes.

You don’t have to go from “can’t sell now”, or “don’t farm now” to being a superstar. If you aren’t on JVTN® and can’t get to our classes, get my book, “How To Sell More Cars”. Follow my directions to sell more, earn more, and have more fun.


Get Joe Verde’s sales book, Get Everything You Want In Sales, now and put your career on the right track. Find out more about Joe Verde’s workshops and how to sell more cars, have more fun and make more money — now!

Your Next $1,000,000

I know salespeople who’ve been selling cars 20 years, and are still just waiting until something better comes along. They haven’t made a commitment or learned enough about selling to start earning big bucks. What a waste of 20 years.

A Million Dollar Decision

In my book, “Goal Setting for Salespeople”, I remind everyone that they’re going to make $1 million in sales. The only question is, “How long will it take you?”

The math is easy – just divide a million dollars by what you’re earning now…

Annual Income & How To Earn $1,000,000…
$ 40,000 – 25 Years
$100,000 – 10 Years
$250,000 – 4 Years
$500,000 – 2 Years

Every time you increase your income, you start cutting years from the total time it takes you to earn more.

Example … If you’re making $40,000 now, your average is $3,333 per month, and that means it will take you 25 years at that rate to collect your million bucks.

But focus on selling just a couple more units, and raise the gross just a couple hundred dollars in the next 90 days to raise your current average to $4,166, and now you’re on track to earn $50,000 in the next 12 months, and that means you’ve already cut the time it takes down to 20 years.

Or what if you really buckle down like Nick did (below)? We just got his comment back a couple of weeks ago, and he jumped from being the new guy to $110,000 his first year and hasn’t slowed down since. That means at $170,000 this year, he’ll hit his next million dollars in just under 6 years.

Don’t waste your money on a lottery ticket, just learn more so you can work smarter and earn your millions much faster.

“$110,000 my first full year with JVTN®.”

“When I started selling cars, I had zero knowledge and needed all the information I could gather.

My GM and an associate, were big inspirations, and at our store, there is a very clear picture painted that if you take Joe’s training seriously and follow his process to a ‘T’ you will experience success.

I buried myself in online training for the first month and I haven’t slowed down. I do my best daily to follow all Joe Verde processes. I practice, drill and rehearse and take 10-15 JVTN® chapters a week. I have clear goals and activities that I refer to daily. I work 5 days a week from 10-7, so I don’t work long and hard, I just work smart.

My first full year I made $110,000, $145,000 the next year and I am on pace to make $170,000!”

– Nick Knutson, Sales Consultant, Oregon



A Simple Plan To Sell More This Month

Want to make 4 more sales this month? If so, and if you’re willing to follow this simple plan, you can easily pick up an extra sale each week.

Make a plan every day. That’s it – it’s just that easy to sell more. Before you go to bed, take the time to make a list of the most important things you need to do tomorrow to sell more cars.

This daily priority list becomes your action plan for tomorrow and keeps you focused on your daily goals.

By making your list today, tomorrow when you come to work, you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to do. Your day will already be planned and laid out for you and all you’ll have to do is follow your plan.

A hint: Most people try to sell more by working harder. Instead of just putting in more hours, learn to manage your selling activities. Activities are the things you need to do to generate those sales.

To be productive, your plan for tomorrow should include a list of activities like these:

“I’ll make 10 prospecting contacts, I’ll give 3 demonstrations and write up at least 2 people, I’ll contact 10 previous customers and meet 4 service customers and ask all of them for a referral…”

Now if you’ll just do the activities, those extra sales and the extra income you want will quickly follow.

Sell more cars with Joe Verde’s sales book, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year” for a free PDF or to order a free soft cover book.


“From 7.5 average to 21 units.”

Joe, I am at 3 years in the car business and 1 year at my current store…

I sell Audis and I love the product!  Before your ‘How To Sell A Car Today’ Workshop, I was holding a 7.5 car average with my biggest month at 10.5.  I was right in there with everyone else at the dealership though, so that wasn’t bad.

After returning from your workshop and believing that my customers were truly looking for a sales professional, my purpose was to become that professional.

When I got back to work, my sales jumped to 21 units, and I made more commission in the next 2 months than my prior 6 months in the car business!

I have more confidence than ever before in my product, myself and my dealership and I truly believe that my customers are all here to buy from me now! Joe, your 8-Steps New Basics are my key to the gold mine!  Thank you!!!”

– Rob Hawkes, Sales Consultant, Capilano Audi, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Skills To Your Success

You Need ‘Selling Skills’ To Sell
And Then You Need ‘Success Skills’ To Succeed…

SUCCESS SKILLS: Control your continued growth

No matter what profession you’re in, success skills are your foundational skills – the skills that drive your success.

Whether you’re selling, acting, farming, or playing golf for a living – you have to keep track of what you do, you have to set clear goals on what you want to improve, and you have to be organized enough to make it happen.

You can have all of the other great skills we cover – until you master success skills though, you’ll find yourself stuck in the mud most months when it comes to improvement.

Develop these skills and you’ll control your future.

Tracking – Averaging – Charting

Everything that happens in every major company or sport is tracked, averaged and charted. Why? So they can identify the areas they can improve.

To continually grow in sales, you need to do the same: track every opportunity you have, every selling activity you do, and your results from those opportunities and activities.

  • Track Opportunities: Incoming calls, leads, and floor traffic by type; walk-in, be-back, repeat, referral, phone, etc.

Why? So you focus your time spent with your best types of opportunities.

  • Track Business Development Activities: number of mailouts, prospecting calls, unsold follow up calls, e-mails sent, appointments set, appointments that show.

Why? To focus your time on the business development activities that produce the most results.

  • Track Your Selling Activities: Presentations, demos, committed write ups, uncommitted write ups.

Why? So you know the # demos, presentations, and write ups that it takes you to make a sale.

  • Track Results: Units, gross, commission per sale (by customer type) and total bonuses and spiffs each month.

Average It. Keep a 90 day running average of all of your opportunities, activities, and results.

Why? Because a good month or a bad month doesn’t make or break you, but a negative trend in almost any area will.

Chart It. Chart your month and average in each area so you can see a clear ‘picture’ of what you’re doing. Charts are easy; updating takes just 1 dot & 1 line.

Do everything I just said for 3 months, and I guarantee you’ll become aware of what you’re doing, and you’ll improve.

Too much trouble / too much time? Nah, that excuse won’t work – all of this takes seconds per day, not hours.

Save time…If you’re on JVTN®, use our VSA® (your personal CRM) for follow up, tracking, goal setting and daily activity management.

Not on JVTN®? Use our Monthly Sales Planners, a pencil and a calculator.

Goal Setting

You can accomplish anything, but success doesn’t / won’t come to you just because you work hard. You have to be clear about what you want to accomplish, and then create an ‘Action Plan’ to make it happen.

Get my book, ‘Goal Setting for Salespeople’. (It’s free at

Organizational Skills

There is no ‘Time Management’. The only things you manage are the activities that use up your time each day.

The highest achievers work smart, not long. They’ve learned to go-to-work-to work and use every minute to get more prospects on the lot, sell a vehicle, or retain customers.

While you’re downloading Goal Setting, also get my audio, “Go To Work To Work” and listen daily for 30 days.

Computer Skills…There is no excuse for not using contact management, follow up, or other software to help you manage your career. Ask your 6 year old to teach you.

Communication Skills

Writing, spelling, grammar, talking, listening, body language, tone, inflection, etc. are all skills you need now.

When you’re with a customer, no cussin’, or crude or stupid jokes, and skip all opinions about sex, religion, politics, or famous people in jail. Just sell.


Also download my book, ‘Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars’ and if you aren’t coming to class or on JVTN®, get my other book, ‘How To Sell A Car’. You’re sitting on a gold mine…so start digging.