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From 12 to 25 just 90 days after class

“Joe, I have been selling cars for about 1 year. My average was 12 units before attending your How To Sell A Car Workshop.  After the workshop, my confidence was way up and I committed working on my selling skills and decided to believe that everybody came to buy.

I started following your sales process 100% of the time, and asking for the sale 100% of the time and my results have been huge! I attended the class is August and ended up with 30.5 that month and now my 90 days average is 25 units per month. I sold 75 units in the last 3 months, which is 39 more than I averaged in the 3 months before class.

I just can’t thank you enough for giving me the information I needed to become a true sales professional!”

Jordan Edmond, Salesperson, NC