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Ask Joe: Is selling cars worth my time?

Joe, you keep talking about the money you can make selling cars – well, that’s not happening for me. I was making $20 an hour back at my old job and my boss said I could get my job back. Why should I keep selling cars and just hope it will get better for me?”


Two thoughts…

  1. Stop ‘hoping’ you’ll start selling more and go make it happen. Whether you sell 6 or 36, everybody reading this can sell one more unit on average.

“I can’t sell more” is never an accurate statement.

Once you do sell one more – you can still learn how to sell one more again – and that never ends. That’s the great thing about selling – you control your income. If you want to earn more, just learn more and work smarter.

And it’s that opportunity to continually improve your own income, and at your own pace, that is not available at any hourly or salaried job, anywhere.

  1. If you’re an ‘average’ salesperson, you’ll take a big pay cut if you go back.

I just read that an average salesperson now makes $50,000 and works about 50 hours a week. In 4.3 weeks, that’s 215 hours per month.

  • $50,000 divided by 12 months equals $4,166 per month, divided by 215 hours equals $19.37 per hour.

Seems like the same pay, but there’s a catch. We’ve surveyed thousands of salespeople and the average salesperson doesn’t work 50 hours per week.

3,500+ salespeople said they’re at work 9 hours but only ‘work’ 3 hours. The rest of their time is spent ‘waiting for a customer to talk to’. That means…

They spend 6 hours ‘waiting to work’.

If we do the real math on what an average salesperson earns, they’re making $4,166 per month, and working about 62 hours, not 215, so they’re really making…

$67.19 per hour they ‘work’.

So my recommendation is that you don’t go back to a $20 per hour job. Instead just start working more while you’re on shift each day.

If you want to make more money, here are six hot tips from the pros…

  • Develop your selling skills and follow “Joe’s Basics” with every customer. Learn to sell value, not ‘cheap’ prices, by following my steps to selling!
  • Learn more so you can earn more. Fact: When you 1) stop learning more, 2) you quickly plateau, and very soon, 3) you start heading back downhill.
  • Leave your problems at the curb! Everyone has problems, but the pros learn how to leave their problems at the curb, and you can, too.
  • Stay away from the underachievers. Make new friends because who you ‘hang with’ determines your success. Pros don’t hang around with negative people or even ‘nice’ lazy underachievers.
  •  Go to work to work! Every day in sales is one day of opportunity and you’ll either use it, or lose it forever. (Download my free audio: “Go To Work To Work”.)
  • Master phone skills and follow up. When that $100,000+ pro isn’t with a customer they have a phone in their hand. That’s how they develop their business so they can ‘work’ more of their shift.

You have incredible opportunity to earn more than almost anyone else can, so do it. You’ll be glad you did. Call us today and we’ll get you started.


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