Archive: October 2010

Ask Joe

“When it’s time to promote a salesperson, what should we consider?” Most people consider all the wrong things about hiring or promoting someone to management: Can they work the desk? Can they appraise a trade? Can they manage the inventory? – etc. There is no question, those are all important parts of the job. But […]

Ask Joe

“Would You List A Few Ways I Can Get Some More Prospects?” Sure. Prospecting is a piece of cake. Too many salespeople think it’s such a tough job, but in real life – it’s easy. Prospecting for sales is easy, unlike the prospectors who came to California back in the old days to find gold. […]

4 More Easy Sales

Want to make 4 more sales this month? If so, and if you’re willing to follow this simple plan, you can easily pick up an extra sale each week. Make a plan every day. That’s it – it’s just that easy to sell more. Before you go to bed, take the time to make a […]