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Joe Verde Automotive Sales Training Workshops

Increase gross and profit with one of Joe Verde’s six automotive sales training workshops held at locations across North America.

Promises – Promises

Want to end up with ‘heat’ from a customer? About the quickest way to do that is to promise them something you can’t guarantee. I know it sounds crazy, but if you say you’re going to do something, customers actually expect it. Telling them later, “I thought they’d put new tires on it, but they […]

Joe Verde’s ‘Earn Over 100K’ Sales Book On 2nd Print Run

After its initial printing in February 2011, Joe Verde’s newest sales book “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year” is now on its second printing as salespeople in the automotive industry continue to rely on the book as a trusted resource to improve their sales skills. Since its publication, Verde has made the book […]

Work Smarter With New JVTN® Mini-Series Course From Joe Verde

Subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, now have access to a brand-new course for managers and salespeople on organizing their daily selling activities. The new online course, “Plan Your Day – Work Your Plan” is part of the JVTN® Mini-Series Collection and features nine informative and easy-to-follow chapters. […]

Ask Joe

“How does having my own customer base protect me in a down market?”That’s a great question with a very logical answer.No matter what the 6-car guy says, people really don’t like to shop. They’d much rather deal with a reliable salesperson they like and trust when they buy their next vehicle. In a good or […]