Archive: July 2011

Joe Verde’s Auto Sales Training Workshop

Sell a car in under two hours with high gross and great CSI. Attend Joe’s Verde’s 2-day “How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today” automotive sales training workshop and you’ll sell more cars, have more fun and make more money. Call 1-800-445-6217 to sign up today.

What They Say About Joe Verde Training…

“9 to 10 to 12 units!” “After getting my training from ‘the Huddle’ my first 9 months, I am extremely pleased our dealership got JVTN®, and I am seeing results already. In January I was at 9 units, in February I sold 10 units, and in March I sold 12! My goal is to be […]

Just A Thought…

Three salespeople were asked what they were doing. All three gave different answers… I’m selling cars. I’m making a living. I’m building a future. Did you ever think about it? What exactly are you doing in the car business? Are you an 80%’er who goes to work just to sell a car or to make […]

Go Digital With Joe Verde In Las Vegas

Joe Verde introduces his upcoming Digital Dealer workshop to be held in Las Vegas October 5-7, 2011. Verde is the industry’s auto sales training leader and his workshop will help automotive dealers increase sales and net profit.

New Poll Results: Which Buyer Question Do Salespeople Fear The Most?

Joe polled salespeople on his website in June and participants said the question, “Can you beat the deal down the street?” was the one they feared the most from buyers. Poll Question: Which of these buyer questions do you fear the most? Final Results: 1. 44.44% – Can you beat the deal down the street? […]