Archive: August 2011

Joe’s Training Helps Salesperson Sell 30 Units

“JVTN® + Your Book = 30 Units” “Our team has been training with Joe Verde for more than one year now and Marc has taken your training to the extreme and lives for ‘Joe Verde’ and so do I. We received your book, ‘How To Earn Over 100,000 Selling Cars‘ in the middle of the […]

4th Edition For Joe’s ‘Recovery & Growth’ Book

Since its publication two years ago, Joe Verde’s book for auto dealers and managers, “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth in Today’s Market” is now in its fourth print run. In the new edition, Verde provides an update for 2011 with a focus on growing a dealership in today’s challenging market. This book is […]

“I Hate Quizzes And I Don’t Do Homework!”

When we were in school, sometimes homework and quizzes seemed like punishment, but homework and testing are two valuable tools you need that will help you turn the knowledge you gain into skills you can use every day to sell more cars. The real purpose of the homework and the tests were to help us […]

Joe’s Closing & Negotiating Class Boosts Gross

“Our dealership had 52% improvement in gross!” “Joe, we went to your Closing and Negotiating Workshop this last year and I wanted to share some results. Our best year in the previous 6 years we’ve owned this dealership resulted in a gross per unit of $2,310. After your Workshop we’ve increased our average gross to […]

Double Your Income With Joe Verde

Are you ready to double your income? Car sales training expert Joe Verde’s online series, “Double Your Income In Today’s Market,” is one of the core training courses on Joe’s virtual sales training network, JVTN®.

Canadian Dealership Increases Sales With JVTN®

“From 69 to 93 units…” “Joe, we just came off our most profitable month ever at the dealership! Prior to this, our highest month was 69. Last month we did 93 units. As a team we stayed off price and treated all our customers like you say, ‘buyers’ and did not skip any steps, thanks […]

Ask Joe

“How can I sell more units in this market when we have a lot fewer people on the lot?” If you look at the facts, it’s easy to sell more units in any market condition … just start doing a better job right now with every person you’re talking to on the lot. In our […]

JVTN® Virtual Sales Training

Looking to raise your gross and profit? Sign up for JVTN®, Joe Verde’s online sales training for automotive dealerships. Daily training is the key to continuous growth and JVTN® makes automotive sales training easy.

GSM Endorses Joe Verde’s Virtual Sales Training

“Volume up 22% and gross up 50%.” “Within 30 days of rolling out JVTN® Online Training, our volume went up 20% and grosses went up 50%. Our salespeople make it part of their daily routine to get them pumped and our managers find the program extremely user-friendly. We are looking forward to seeing our monthly […]