Archive: March 2012

Joe Verde’s Digital Dealer WorkshopTo Focus On Boosting Auto Sales

With sales projections and inventories on the rise for the automotive industry, Joe Verde will help Digital Dealer attendees create the processes and develop the sales and management skills they need to boost profits in 2012 during his workshop at the 12th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition April 3-5 in Orlando, Fla. Verde, a prominent […]

How Does A Good Demo Help Me Sell More?

Other than all of the other steps to selling, the demonstration is the most important step. Yes, every step of the sale is important, but the demo has that one statistic that completely sets it apart from every other step of the New Basics™. No Demo – No Sale. You can mess up on just […]

Making $20,000 More This Year Already

“I’m already up $20,000 this year from JVTN® and the VSA®.” “I have been using JVTN® training and your Virtual Sales Assistant® to track all of my activities and properly set short and long-term goals. My 90-day average is currently 13 and my goal is 17. I learned my weakness was getting people on a […]

Want To Make BIG $$$? Stop Moving Around!

Constantly changing jobs looking for that perfect place, where you can get rich the quick & easy way? You know, the dealership with unlimited bonuses, where the factory only sends the hottest models and where the managers OK every deal. That perfect place with customers flooding the lot from open until 30 minutes before closing […]