Archive: April 2012

How To Pre-Plan Your Demo Route

Nothing spoils a demonstration more than a traffic jam, a road under construction or a bad or dangerous road situation. You’ll need two or three routes so you can always make sure you avoid heavy traffic, construction, and so you can make sure they get a chance to drive the vehicle the way they’ll use […]

Up To 19 Units After Sales Class

“From 10 to 19 after your sales class and JVTN®.” “Joe, I have been a solid 10-car guy with average gross. After attending your 2-Day Sales Workshop, my attitude, energy level and passion for the business came back! I started treating everyone like they were buyers and stayed off price. I sold 6 vehicles in […]

Presentation Tips From Joe

You’re trying to sell a car to Bob for his daughter, Susy. One of his major “hot buttons” is safety and her goal is having a fun car to drive. That means to deliver a unit, you have to sell them both what they want. To Dad, you don’t just say “Bob, the car has […]

What Can You Learn From Average People?

What is the only thing average salespeople can teach you about selling cars? If you listen to the huddle, you’ll spend your career huddled around average or below especially in tough like we’ve had the last few years. Every day you don’t use your potential in sales is a day of your working life down […]