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One of the most difficult things for most people to do is to sit down and think. It’s a lost art because we have so many distractions. In fact, we get more input in a week than our great grandparents got in their whole lifetime. We have TV, the Internet, radio, baseball, football, politics, the […]

Should We Work Longer, Harder & Put In More Time & Effort Right Now?

Will that really help very much? If you’re talking about just coming in to the dealership and staying longer every day while you just hang around, drink coffee, waste your day and complain even more about the lack of traffic – save yourself the effort because nothing will change. If you’re talking about putting in […]

Joe Verde Invited To Speak At NAMAD Conference

It’s projected that automobile sales in 2012 will top 14 million units, and in today’s market, sales will not be divided equally among all dealerships. Automotive sales training expert and author Joe Verde will address how dealers can get more than their fair share during a special workshop at the National Association of Minority Automobile […]

Who Cares About Your Shoes?

How’d you like to earn higher wages? When you think about the “pros”, take a look at their shoes. What do the shoes of successful attorneys, bankers, top salespeople, etc. look like? Are they casual or business, leather or canvas, rough-cut leather or polished? Has the color worn off? Are there scratches and gouges in […]

More Confidence, Energy, Excitement After Training With JVTN®

“From 8 to 13 after your class and JVTN®” “Joe, I have been using JVTN® for the past 6 months and just returned from your 2-Day Sales Workshop. It lit a fire in me and made everything I have been learning online on JVTN® that much clearer. I returned with a new found confidence, energy […]