Archive: August 2012

Best Month Ever In Units & Commission From

“My best month ever from training on JVTN®”  “Joe, I just wanted to give you big thanks!!  I have been training on JVTN® for one year and my sales and gross have been increasing the more I train.  I started with the basics, a great greeting on the lot, building rapport, getting lots of ‘yes’s’, bypassing […]

“Sorry I’m Late…”

Are you one of those people who just never quite makes it to anything on time? Do things and all that stuff beyond your control seem to pop up and cause you to get to work just after the bell rings almost every day? Yeah, I know, you’re never real late, just a little late […]

How To Lose The Sale On The Lot…

Talk Trade Value – Lose The Sale 94% Of The Time Talk Any Price Topic – Lose The Sale 96% Of The Time “What’s my trade worth?” … “What would my payments run on this?” Most customers will ask you both questions before they’ve even found a vehicle they’re ready to take home today. If […]

Will You Pass The ‘Sales’ Test?

We take tests all of our lives; to graduate from school, to get our driver’s license, etc. Now in sales, your skills are tested with every prospect you talk to whether it’s an Internet lead, an incoming sales call or a prospect on the lot. Your test scores for each of those contacts are what […]

Sold 26 Cars After 2-Day Sales Workshop

“On Fire After Attending Your Workshop…” “I was on fire after attending your 2-Day Sales Workshop! My attitude and my excitement has never been more evident. I treated all my customers like buyers, I got more yes’s that I ever thought I could. I sold 7 cars my first 3 days back  26 for the […]