Archive: November 2012

Desking Class Manager Finds Gross

“Gross up front and back!” “Since returning from the Desking class, I have been implementing the new skills I have learned and have been almost 100% effective!  The sales staff sees this new method as an advantage to the customer as well as to the store.  “As a result, our negotiations have been much smoother.  […]

November 20 / 2012

Handling “Price” Objections Sales Course Released

 A new course entitled “Price” is now offered to subscribers on the Joe Verde Training Network® (JVTN®).  This targeted online training series gives managers and salespeople the skills to handle tough price questions, close more deals, and negotiate with a better set of selling tools. “A good deal is a feeling – not a number,” said […]

About Double Shifts

A math question… If you work both shifts every day and sell 10 cars a month, does that mean you’re a 10-car guy or a 5-car guy working two shifts? Working double shifts now and then to hit a bonus or finish off a great month is one thing. But working double shifts every day just […]

From 16 to 52 After Class

“From 16 a month to 52 in the two months after class.”  “I have been training on JVTN® regularly for the past couple of months and recently attended Joe’s 2 Day Sales Workshop. The workshop really pulled it all together for me. I have been a solid 16-car salesperson. “After class I had my best […]