Archive: December 2012

Have A Great Holiday!

We’re at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, so you need to do two things right now: 1. You should be putting the pedal to the metal to make 2012 a record year. If you miss your goal in 2012, it won’t be because no one shows up this […]

18 Units After Class!

“I’m up to 18 units and my commission is $400 higher after Joe’s class.” “I have been in automotive sales for 2 years and just attended Joe’s 2 Day Sales Workshop.  Just by using more questions and bypassing price on the lot, I have increased my current average to 18 units and added $400 more […]

4 Secrets Apply To Goal Setting

Your Goal Planning Includes The 4 Areas That Control Your Success When you look at “how” you’ll reach your goals, you’re looking at the Four Secrets I learned a long time ago that completely control your success. • Your Skills! There are so many skills you need to learn and develop, that by the time you […]