Archive: January 2013

Gross Up $140,000 Every Month!

“Our gross is up $140,000 per month after your Desking workshop!” “After your Desking workshop we started implementing your 3 pass negotiation process, and in just one month we’ve broken the ceiling we have been at for 4 years. “Our front and back end gross has increased $400 per unit. We’re selling 300-350 used cars […]

Need More Floor Traffic?

When you live off the floor traffic, what happens if the weather or business goes south? Exactly, if you rely on floor traffic, you better take some classes now on how to stretch a paycheck, because you’ll need to know at some point. The key to success is to always have a pipeline filled with […]

Always Make Your Customers Comfortable

Have you stopped to think about what you’re asking most customers to do, in dollars and cents, after a 10 minute presentation and a quick spin around the block? Car payments use up 20%-30% of the average person’s take home pay.  That means whether you’re selling a loaded Tahoe or stripped Accent, car payments make […]

What Is Teamwork?

Because teamwork is so critical to success for any dealership in today’s market, we talk about teamwork in all of our 2-Day Leadership / Management workshops. But what is teamwork, how do you define teamwork, and what does teamwork mean to you? • Everybody helping each other • Everybody trying to hit a goal • […]

On Track To Make $100,000

“From 14 units to 25 after JVTN®” “Joe, I have been selling cars for 10 years. My first 8 years I was up to a 14 car average and was making about $40,000 a year. Not bad, but I wanted more so I started training on JVTN® in the beginning of my ninth year, and […]