Archive: February 2013

General Manager Wins Joe Verde Workshop Package

Training expert, Joe Verde announced that Patrick Sexton, General Manager at Legacy Ford Hyundai, was the winner of the sales and management training workshop package from Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. at the drawing held at the Best Training Day Ever™ on Feb. 8 in Orlando, Fl. Verde spoke at the event, which […]

Auction Helps Place Canine Companions With Wounded Veterans

U.S. Army Veteran and Automotive Sales Trainer Joe Verde Makes Winning Bid To Help Wounded Veterans At the National Automobile Dealers Association annual convention in Orlando, Fla., on Feb. 10, Joe Verde was the highest bidder on a 2011 Fat Boy Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The live auction event, sponsored by NADA and ADESA, was held to […]

Easily Get More Down & Higher Payments

Two phrases can replace 30 minutes of negotiation… Example: You’re working a deal and in your first offer, your customer says they don’t want to spend over $400. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get another $25, $50 even $100 a month with just two phrases. Here’s how it works… When the […]

Joe Verde Releases New Version Of Virtual Sales Training Network – JVTN®

Subscribers to Joe Verde’s virtual sales training site now have access to the newest upgrade version of JVTN®, featuring a totally redesigned “Training Center” and course layout. Each new JVTN® updated version is a break-away design with new features and improvements to provide users with quick-and-easy access to the standard seven system modules plus […]