Archive: March 2013

You Mean If I Learn More, I’ll Earn More?

 “If you try to make me learn more so that I can sell more cars and earn more money, I quit – I’m outta here!” One of our JVTN® support managers was talking to a manager who said his salespeople didn’t want to train on JVTN® every day. Our support manager said, “Wow, you guys […]

Get What You Want In Sales By Setting Goals Correctly

Subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, now have access to a new training course that focuses on how to get everything you want in life, and especially in automobile sales, by setting goals correctly. “The good news is that sales continue to improve for the car business. The […]

Focus On Them – Not The Sale

If you want to sell more, you’ll need to focus less on you and what you want – and instead, learn to focus more on your customers and what they want and need in a vehicle. Then for an easy sale, just show them how and why you, your product and your dealership are best […]

New Sales Book From Joe – Set Goals To Get What You Want

Prominent sales and management trainer, and leading automotive industry author, Joe Verde, released his newest book today on how to get what you want in sales titled, “Manage Your Career In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople.” “Sales continue to improve for the car business. The problem is that too many salespeople are still not […]