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Play The Odds

Over 50% of the vehicles are sold to women and over 90% of your sales are directly influenced by the woman in the group (wife, girlfriend, mother, etc.). I hear a lot of stories from people about their “car buying experiences”. In fact, a friend of ours who wanted to buy a new car, told […]

Overcoming Objections + Staying Off Price = More Market Share

Daily Training in Overcoming Objections & Staying Off Price Helps Independent Dealer Modern Classic Motors Gain Market Share  Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc.,  today announced that daily training in how to close the sale, overcome objections and stay off price has helped independent dealer Modern Classic Motors of Grand Junction, CO, double its […]

Sales Exploded to 20 Each Month!

“My sales exploded to 20 for the month.” “When I started in the car business I immediately started training on JVTN® and using the Virtual Sales Assistant®. My first month I sold 8 units and then I went to the 2 day Sales Workshop. WOW, talk about a pump up! I came back ready to […]

Poll Results Released By Joe Verde

Auto Dealer Salespeople Consider Price Most Troubling Part of Sales Negotiation According to Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Poll Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) today announced that according to a recent poll of auto dealer salespeople, price is perceived to be the most troubling part of the sales negotiation process. An […]

It’s June 1…

Why don’t you get your month off to a good start? Since I started training, salespeople have always asked me to offer more affordable sales training. We have it and best of all, a lot of it is free to download, free to read on our blog, even the books are free except for shipping! […]