Archive: October 2013

Are some salespeople just ‘naturals’?

Wouldn’t it be great if you’d been born with a natural talent for selling lots of cars?  Wouldn’t selling cars be a piece of cake if you’d been blessed with more of that charisma and had won the golden tongue award so many of the “naturals” in our business seem to have? Some salespeople just […]


I got an e-mail from a salesperson who justified not using whatever my article covered. How’d he justify not using the info? He counted the times I used the word most. (I also get grief about using run-on sentences, and now and then I get a hit on my grammar – go figure.) I use […]

What 5 Questions Do You Ask To Find The Next Buyer?

First – 3 quick reminders for you… 1. Most families have an average of 3 vehicles now. 2. 95% of the people in the family will buy another vehicle at some point. 3. 1 & 2 mean there is someone in the family who is next in line to buy a car. Your goal: Find […]

Top Gross With 27 Units

“With JVTN®… Top gross with 27 units!” “Before starting at the dealership I trained on JVTN® for 2 weeks. Joe Verde laid the foundation for me to be a success in the car business and I really paid attention to the steps of the sale. When I hit the floor, I made sure to follow them and […]