Archive: February 2014

Thought From Joe…

“Have you confused what you’re earning with how long you’re working? Before I learned how to sell, after my first 5 years of double shifts, I realized I wasn’t even an 8-car guy — I was a 4-car guy working two shifts…” -Joe Verde ### Get Joe’s latest book for free now and see how he […]

New Goal Setting Calculator Helps Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

In keeping with the New Year’s tradition of setting goals for the future, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that it has released a new online Goal Setting Calculator. The calculator can be used both by individual salespeople or the entire dealership to find their starting point in units and income, so […]

From 8 to 15 – New Goal Set at 20

“From 8 to 15 units – New goal: 20” “I have been in the car business 7 months. I started out with an 8-car month, thought I was great, got a little cocky dropped to 3. We got JVTN® online training at the dealership and using it helped me understand the step-by-step process of selling cars […]

Verde Gets Winning Bid On Motorcycle to Benefit CCI

Joe Verde tests out the Harley-Davidson motorcycle that he won with a bid of $27,000, in an auction by ADESA during the 2014 NADA Convention. Also, pictured is Joe Verde and U.S. Air Force veteran, Jason Morgan, with Napal, his service dog while at the auction. The $27,000 auction bid, along with a $10,000 grant […]