Archive: April 2014

Follow Up For 6-10 More Sales This Month

Before we talk about how to follow up your working prospects, let’s review what’s happened so far… • 86% buy something other than what they said they wanted – and you did have a vehicle in stock they liked. • You spent from 20 minutes to a couple of hours and went through some or […]

Do You Know Who Is Your Hottest Prospect?

Average salespeople only deliver 10%. If they log just 2 people per day (50 total) it’s 20%. Regardless of how many you log, divide your deliveries by that number and your closing ratio will probably be 20% or less. Ex: 12 deliveries ÷ 60 ups = 20%. You can easily sell more by developing better […]

2 Tips From Joe

Secret to Success. If you’re looking for the secret to success, part of it is pretty simple… Do everything you know you need to do, and then some. Everybody wants to achieve their version of success. The problem is most people hope they can reach their success by doing as little as they can get […]

Joe Speaks, Book Signing At Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., today announced that Joe Verde will present a session, “The 5 Biggest Changes You Need To Make In 2014 To Have a Record Year,” at the Innovative Dealer Summit on April 8 in Denver, Colorado. Verde’s session helped auto dealers refocus their attention to where their greatest potential to improve sales […]