Archive: October 2014

Keep The Kids Happy & Sell More Cars

All kids get tired, bored and hungry; yours, mine and theirs. It’s normal and it isn’t likely to change. It’s also no big deal, if you plan for it. However – if you don’t learn to control your customers’ kids when you’re trying to sell, you’ll have a tough time making the sale. Kids can […]

From New to $100K A Year!

“From ‘New Guy’ to $9,500 a month!” “I’ve been in the car business for 1 year and was lucky to get in at a dealership that offered your training through JVTN®. I have been training daily since I started and have been increasing my units and gross on a regular basis. You taught me to treat […]

Keep Your Promises

Want to end up with ‘heat’ from a customer? About the quickest way to do that is to promise them something you can’t guarantee. I know it sounds crazy, but if you say you’re going to do something, customers actually expect it. Telling them later, “I thought they’d put new tires on it, but they […]

Everything Is A Choice

A friend of ours wanted a new Toyota and went to the closest dealership to buy it. Who could ask for anything more – a qualified buyer is coming to buy a new car! But she didn’t buy the Toyota. She wanted it, she said the salesperson was nice and everything was fine except that […]

Tip: Stay At Your Dealership

My wife and I were out looking for a new vehicle and talked to a salesperson who didn’t know me. He gave us a pretty good presentation and did a good job telling us about the product and the equipment levels and other options, and he offered us a demonstration. He went to all this […]