Archive: November 2014

Enthusiasm Sells!

Have you ever noticed how successful you are on those days you feel great? You know, those days when everything is going just right and everybody who walks on the lot that day is there to buy from you! The product doesn’t sell itself. A presentation alone doesn’t sell the product and neither does advertising […]

Need Some ‘Sales Insurance’?

When you live off the floor traffic, what happens if the weather or business goes south? Exactly, if you rely on floor traffic, you better take some classes now on how to stretch a paycheck, because you’ll need to know at some point. The key to success is to always have a pipeline filled with […]

Biggest Paycheck Ever After JVTN

“My biggest paycheck ever after JVTN®!” “I have been in the car business 16.5 years and I’ve been training on JVTN® for 5 months. When I say training on JVTN®, I mean watching the training chapters, taking great notes, taking the tests and practicing getting the words just right by saying the scripts out loud […]