Archive: December 2014

Going For Optimum Performance?

Once runners reach that certain point, they get a runner’s high. Now they’re at optimum performance. If they take a break, they lose that momentum. The same thing happens to us when we sell a car. Kick back and you’ll lose the momentum that helps you sell. When I first started selling cars, I’d sell […]

December 20 / 2014

Getting ‘Lucky’ With Sales

Want to get lucky and earn more this month? Just do what a lot of 20-30-40 car pros do: • Look, Act, Sound and Think like a pro this month! • Leave problems, stinky little attitudes and everything but selling at the curb and just go to work to sell a car. • Work your […]

Make Every Minute Count

It’s here, the end of one year and the beginning of a brand new one. Two things should be happening right now: 1. Put the pedal to the metal to make this your best year ever. You know how to hustle in an emergency, so treat every day like it’s an emergency – don’t rush […]