Archive: March 2015

Now at $10,000 Per Month

“From 4-6 units to my first $10,000 month with your training.” “I started at Sierra Blanca about a year ago.  My first few months I was at 4-6 units.  After consistently training on JVTN®, my average went to 10-12 units.  Then the light bulb came on after attending your sales workshop. When I came back I increased […]

It’s All About ‘Choice’

Fact: You either choose to develop the habit of continually getting better (in sales & in life) or you choose to develop the habit of making excuses to justify everything you don’t do (in sales & in life). There are certainly things ‘out of your control’ that cause you to lose a sale, like their […]

From $60K to $115K With Joe’s Virtual Training

“In the internet department & thanks to you, I have begun to master it.” “I run the internet department, and embrace all of the opportunity that comes with it.  As you know, the key to internet leads is setting appointments and thanks to you, I have begun to master it.  I sold 75 units and […]

Turn Info Into Skills

A few years ago, I wanted to play golf. I bought clubs and videos on how to do everything from drive to putt. I watched every video and learned what I needed to do to become a good golfer. Quick question on that – how many skills did I develop watching those videos? Right – […]

Went From $17,000 a YEAR to $15,000 a MONTH with Joe Verde!

From $17,000 a YEAR to $15,000 a MONTH with Joe Verde “Joe, before getting into the car business, I worked for 17 years making $17,000 a year. Thanks to the vision and dedication of my manager and JVTN®, my life has been forever changed. My first month, I sold 21 units and made $13,000. In […]

10 Years Of JVTN As Subscribers Top 10 Million Chapters Taken

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., today announced that 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of its online training network, JVTN®. Subscribers to JVTN® have also reached a major milestone and have completed more than 10,000,000 sales training chapters. Since 1985, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc, has developed high achievers through online education, […]