Archive: May 2015

Processes vs. Skills – What’s The Difference?

Processes … A process is made up of the steps you take to complete something, whether it’s building a house, selling a car, or prospecting out in service. Common processes you need in sales… How to warm up the prospect – how to build value in owning the vehicle – how to close the sale […]

Make Team Work The Common Goal

Because teamwork is so critical to success for any dealership in today’s market, we talk about teamwork in all of our 2-Day Leadership / Management workshops. But what is teamwork, how do you define teamwork, and what does teamwork mean to you? Everybody helping each other Everybody trying to hit a goal Everybody cooperating In […]

After 30 Years – How Joe’s Training Made The Difference

“After 30 years … from 9 units a month to 29 units from your workshop and JVTN®.” “My manager is a true Joe Verde disciple, and at our store it’s the Verde way or no way. Having been in sales as long as I’ve been, it was a tough transition – but boy was it worth it! […]

Learn More And You’ll Earn More

Do everything the same way this year that you did last year, and you’ll sell and earn about what you earned last year…or less! The problem with trying to sell the same way, with the same skill level, is that the market is never the same. Take the really rough winter this year: when dealerships […]