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Making $149,000 With

“My pay soared to $149,000!” “Joe, since I started in the car business, 9 years ago, I invested in myself and my career by getting your VSA®. I have been growing steadily over the past 4 years, utilizing your JVTN® online training and focusing on your New Basics (8 steps). After mastering the New Basics, […]

Joe Verde Sends Thousands of Free Books to Australian Auto Dealers

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) announced that it is supporting Australian auto dealers during a slowing economy with the free distribution of more than 3,600 copies of Joe Verde’s books to all of the approximately 1,800 dealers across the country, including: “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth in Today’s Market,” and […]

I Tripled My Income

“I tripled my income and I love my job!” “Joe – I was at my last job for 12 years and was in need of a change. I always loved the car business and started selling cars at the dealership where I’d bought all of my cars. I have been training on JVTN® since I […]

‘If I Do Everything You Say, I Won’t See My Family…’

Actually – you’ve got the wrong guy because the opposite is true. I have never written, spoken or in any way suggested you need to put in double shifts to sell more cars. If you’ll do everything I talk about, you’ll spend a lot less time at work, you’ll earn more money for you and […]

An Easy Objection

“I’ll think it over and get back to you,” is one of the easiest objections to handle. Instead of dropping the price or handing them your dismissal slip (business card) try this instead: “Bob, help me out for a second before you leave … this seems like the perfect vehicle for you guys, what is […]