Archive: August 2015

My First $20,000 Month Selling Cars

“From selling food door-to-door, to my first $20,000 month selling cars!” “I have been at my dealership for just over 6 months, and I feel blessed to be in the car business. Previously I sold meat, chicken and fish door-to-door for 15 years, and although it was a difficult sale, I developed a strong work […]

How To Go From 13 Units to 20 or 25

The one sentence answer … Learn to sell one more unit each month. A year from now, you’ll be at 25 cars a month. ————— Three things keep most people from selling more and earning more… Skills – Habits – Attitude You’ve probably heard about what happens to so many of the million dollar lottery […]

My Average is 67 Units A Month

“After your Sales Workshop, I increased my sales from 20 units a month, to averaging 67 per month, and I’m on track to earn $200,000 this year.” “Joe, the first day of your Sales Workshop, the instructor asked, “What is the one thing you want to get out of this training?” My reply was, “Teach […]

Being Good vs. Getting Better

I’m always surprised when I ask salespeople: “What did you do to prepare for your 4 or 5 opportunities to make $1,000 today?” Yep, the answer is usually ‘nothing’. I can’t understand why a salesperson would tell their kids to practice for a soccer game on Saturday, but then not practice for their own big […]

Boost Your Net Profit & Your Paycheck With Joe’s Newest Book: Top 7 Profit Sources

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., announced that Joe Verde has written and released a brand new book for auto dealers: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership.” Verde has helped dealerships across North America for decades and has authored 7 other books, of which to date, more than 472,000 copies have […]

Why Do They Do So Many Write Ups???

“Why do new guys and low achievers write up so many people who can’t buy the vehicle?” When I started selling cars, we weren’t trained. Our managers just said, “You’re hired, now make me proud and sell something.” So I wrote up everybody I could. Since we were told to just find a car they […]