Archive: November 2015

Facts About Buying & Selling

Which stats are most important? That’s a big question because there are about 100 ‘most important’ facts about the different areas that affect sales. Stats on customers, selling, closing, negotiation, follow up, calls & leads, and facts on prospecting, unsold follow up, retention and more. Here are the most important when it comes to making […]

Went from 7 units to 18 a month!

I went from 7 units to 18 a month! “Joe, I have been in automotive sales for the past 10 months. The first 3 months I was figuring things out on my own. The 4th month I attended your Sales Workshop and BAM!  What was a great job, became a great career. I was averaging about […]

When did that car come in?

Have you ever had a prospect leave because you didn’t think you had the vehicle they wanted, and then an hour later you bumped into that exact vehicle out in the back lot? Sure, who hasn’t? At least until they learned that not knowing their own inventory was costing them a ton of $$$. Walk […]

How many closes do you need to know?

Logically, you need as many as it takes to close more sales than you do now. We teach well over 100 different ways to set you up to be able to ask for that last commitment, or handle the objection effectively to get the commitment. More important, we cover exactly what to say next, no […]