Archive: December 2015

New Business Development Workshop From Joe Verde

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the release of a brand new Business Development Workshop for auto dealer salespeople and sales managers. The focus of the workshop is turning prospects into buyers by better handling incoming sales calls, incoming leads from all sources and follow up of ‘unsold’ prospects. It also includes five […]

Doubling Your Income After Reading Joe’s $100K Book!

“I’ve doubled my income.” “I read a chapter every day in Joe’s book, ‘Earn Over 100K Selling Cars Every Year’. One of his comments constantly sticks in my head. Joe says, ‘Do you want to go home every day feeling confident that you can take care of your family, or do you want to go […]

‘Top 7’ Book Sells Out 50,000 Copies In Four Months

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that Joe Verde’s new book: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership,” has proved so popular with auto dealers that it has gone through 50,000 copies in just 4 months and the book is now onto its 3rd print run of 30,000 copies. The first […]

Remember Our Wounded Vets This Holiday Season…

Let’s remember our veterans this holiday season…If you’re looking for a great cause to support, this is a tough one to beat – Canine Companions for Independence. They provide highly trained dogs for wounded vets, and are supported by the NADA Charitable Foundation and ADESA Auctions. Please do all you can to support this worthy […]

Earning $20,000 More This Year

“From 6 or 8 to 12 and 15 after class and JVTN®”. “Before I attended the Joe Verde Selling Workshop, I was selling about 6-8 units. Since the class, my numbers have been steadily increasing, and now I’m selling 12-15 units every month, and I’ll earn over $20,000 more this year alone. The live class and training on […]

Make It Happen This Month

Want to sell more and earn more this month? Then do everything on this list! Look, act, sound and think like a pro! Leave all your problems at the curb right now, and go to work to sell some cars. WORK your full shift. Don’t stand around waiting for something to happen, just ‘work’. Read […]