Archive: April 2016

They Came To Buy – Make Sure It’s With You…

Ask Joe … How tough should it be to sell someone a vehicle they came to buy? I agree, sometimes it’s way tougher than it should be. Some people don’t want buying to be easy, some people have been burned so bad in the past that you can’t change it, and sometimes there’s nothing you […]

“What Can I Earn?”

You’ll earn what you’re worth. I said that the other day and a guy said, “That’s a cop-out answer.” Not really, if you’re working on commission, or even if you’re on a salary of some kind, there’s always that volume or gross bonus. Whether you’re in management, sales, service, BDC or any other department; when […]

Record Funds Raised To Help Wounded Vets

Charitable Auction Raises $128,000 for Canine Companions To Help Wounded Vets ‘Giving back’ was the theme during the ADESA auction at the annual NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas this year, where a record $128,000 was raised for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) to train service dogs to assist wounded veterans. This was the […]

Earning $138,000 From Joe Verde Online Training

“I finished the year at $138,000” “Well Joe, JVTN® is like taking a multi-vitamin every day because it keeps my selling skills healthy! I am still averaging 20 cars a month and in December I finished at 23 units and my commissions were $13,000. In my first year of business, I have earned $138,000 and my goal […]