Archive: June 2016

And the winner is…ATTITUDE

Every book on selling or success begins with the importance of having a great attitude. The catch is that there are a lot of people with a great attitude who still fail more often than not. The key is understanding that more success isn’t just about having a great attitude. Consistently achieving more success – […]

Be Persistent And Sell More

All things are difficult before they are easy.” Einstein got low scores in math, Churchill got poor grades in English, and both became two of the greatest men in history. When I say don’t give up, I’m not talking about just quitting – I’m talking about mentally throwing in the towel, because you missed a […]

Detailing Cars to $100K in Sales

“From detailing cars to $100,000 in sales.” “I started at my dealership 18 years ago and worked as a detailer for 10 years.  I saw the potential in earnings in sales, but I was plain scared to try a commission based job.  I wanted to be a better provider for my family though, so I […]

Play The Odds

After a purchase, have you ever been unable to talk to, or get the salesperson to return your calls? Isn’t it more frustrating when you have a question or problem and need a response now? Join the club. That’s exactly how your customers feel, too. Every call from them is just as important to them. […]