Archive: July 2016

Book + Newsletter + Workshop = Success!

“From 8 to 13 with your book and newsletter, and then to 22.5 after your workshop.” “Joe, thank you for your newsletter, your books and your ‘How To Sell a Car Today’ workshop. I was an 8 car a month guy for the first 3 years of my sales career and then discovered your book, ‘Earn […]

Quick Reminders on How To Sell More Every Month

Summer is here and people are out buying, so here are some quick reminders that make a difference every day in sales. They aren’t in any particular order, just highlight the ones you want to focus on. Then do a search on JVTN® and ‘like’ that chapter or course for easy review. Great Question: “Is […]

Imagine a different future and bigger paycheck

If you want to sell & earn more, imagine what you could learn in our 3 sales classes! There’s so much to learn about “selling” that we have 3 completely different 2-Day Workshops: ‘How To Sell A Car’ … on core selling skills and the sales process to double your average production now ‘Advanced Closing […]

Doubling Your Numbers With

“From 13 to 27 units with JVTN®” “I started at my dealership recently, and I am amazed at how JVTN® has helped me with every process in selling. Joe has presented a process for every step of the sale, including prospecting and customer retention! I started in April and sold 13, and at the end […]

JVG Attends Event for CCI To Support Veterans

  Joe Verde staff recently attended a donor reception for Canine Companions for Independence hosted by the Ritz-Carlton in Orange County, CA. CCI provides highly trained service dogs to wounded veterans and people with disabilities. The Joe Verde Group wants to thank our friends from the Ritz: Deanne French, Director of Public Relations; Bruce Brainerd, […]

‘Best Price’

A friend wanted my help to buy a car. She knew exactly what she wanted, and just wanted me to help her get a ‘deal’. I was buried, so I gave her the secret to finding the best deal in town… I told her to call 5 dealerships, describe what she wanted, ask them for […]