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Always Make Your Customers Comfortable

Have you stopped to think about what you’re asking most customers to do, in dollars and cents, after a 10 minute presentation and a quick spin around the block? Car payments use up 20%-30% of the average person’s take home pay.  That means whether you’re selling a loaded Tahoe or stripped Accent, car payments make most people nervous. And I’m sure you’ve learned how tough it is to get a nervous person to make a buying decision… right now – today!

Customers Shop For More Than Just “Transportation”

You want to make them comfortable… as soon as possible. Take the time to get them a cup of coffee or a soft drink, it’ll help them relax. When they’re relaxed, you get the OK on the order faster and it sticks better.  And there’s another benefit; that ‘hot cup of coffee’ or ‘cold soda’ will give you another five or 10 minutes to talk and that may be all the extra time you need to close the sale.

And do something else the other salespeople they talk to won’t do. Show them around the dealership and introduce them to the people in parts and service that they’ll be dealing with after the sale.
This “extra” trouble is important because people shop for more than just cars. They’re looking for a salesperson to give them a professional presentation of the product and they’re looking for a dealership they can have confidence in for service after the sale.

Your customers want to feel good about their purchase, which is exactly what you and I are looking for when we spend our money on something, too, especially on expensive stuff like cars. 

They don’t want any more than we do in the same situation, they just want to feel like they bought the right car for them. And they want to feel that they got more value to them than the dollars they spent. Successful selling is easy when you help them “feel good” about buying.

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