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And the winner is…ATTITUDE

Every book on selling or success begins with the importance of having a great attitude. The catch is that there are a lot of people with a great attitude who still fail more often than not.

The key is understanding that more success isn’t just about having a great attitude. Consistently achieving more success – especially in sales – is all about having the right attitude.

What’s the difference?

A great attitude is always seeing the positive side of that half full glass.

The right attitude if you want more than just half full, is having the attitude of being willing to do what it takes to fill it the rest of the way to the top.

Think about it – we all know lots of happy people who love cars, love their job and love their customers, but never sell many units, and never earn much money. Why is that? It’s pretty simple. While their smile shows the face of a happy person, underneath is an attitude of unwillingness to learn more, do more, and be more successful in sales.

I’m not suggesting all the reasons are negative, or that you can’t be happy and be broke (although I’ve read that people who say they don’t care about money, may lie about other things, too).

So why would a salesperson who could do more, be unwilling to learn more, so they could sell more and earn more? Maybe their attitude about selling is that pushing or tricking people into buying is what selling requires.

Or maybe they just don’t want to learn more, or maybe they just don’t want to sell more or earn more. Whatever the reason, it controls their attitude, which controls their performance.


We always talk about those 4 Secrets to Success in sales that completely control your sales and income…

Skills … With good skills you can have better performance, and more success.

Habits … Same as skills, good work habits help you become more successful.

Attitude … What we’re talking about now.

Choice of Customers … There are two groups of customers you can work with selling cars; the easy ones who pay a lot, or the tough ones who pay very little.

Each of the 4 is important, but doesn’t your attitude control the other 3?

Doesn’t your attitude determine whether you’ll go to the trouble to keep learning more to develop your skills?

Doesn’t your attitude control your daily work habits? If you really aren’t very motivated (an ‘attitude’), isn’t it unlikely you’ll come to work to do your very best every day?

And most important long-term – doesn’t your attitude about follow up, prospecting, phones, and retention determine whether you waste a career waiting to talk to the toughest, lowest gross, price shopping customers in town, or doing what it takes to develop your own base of easy, high gross, friendly people who know you and are fun to work with?

You did the right thing choosing to sell cars as a career, because selling is almost the highest paying profession there is.

You’ve put it off, but now it’s time to order or download my (free) book, “Earn $100,000+ Selling Cars”. Get it and read it with an open mind so you can put the right attitude in place to turn a job selling cars, into a rewarding, high paying profession.