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Angst Creates Objections & Costs You Sales

Angst … “A feeling of deep anxiety.”

8 out of every 10 customers you talk to today will buy. More important, 6 of the 8 specifically left home to buy a car today and from your dealership (that’s why they stopped at your dealership instead of the one next door).

They came to buy, but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable. In fact, we know the opposite is true, they’re very uncomfortable. That’s why 71% who did buy, said they did so because they were comfortable with their salesperson.

I didn’t know that my first 5 years. I just thought almost everyone had a chip on their shoulder. I never considered that might be because the goal was a write up, and we were taught to take shortcuts whenever we could, then when we got them inside, “hit ‘em high, peel ‘em off the ceiling” and then try to calm them down to negotiate a deal.

So I did. I’d tell them the price and they all said it was too high, so then I’d tell them what they should be buying because they couldn’t afford the one they wanted, and they’d go sideways. Then I’d low-ball them on their trade and they’d go through the roof.

If we were on a $10,000 car, I was taught to hit them at $4,000 down with $784 a month. I could feel the explosion coming as they went nuclear on me.

It was explained to me by my manager that the goal was to blow things out of proportion, then try to settle the customers down, so that everything better than those figures would sound like a good deal to them.

WOW – what a waste of 5 years. I was trying my best to make money in sales, and doing just about everything that would keep me from making sales. Like so many people in our classes now who were never taught the right way to sell a car, I felt the same way as I started learning more about selling from the most successful salespeople in the world.

If you’re trying to sell the way I did, try to understand that it’s you making it tougher, not them. They didn’t come in to argue with you or to give you reasons they won’t buy. They only came in for one reason – to buy.

That’s why selling is so easy and so much more fun when you develop a few key skills and follow every step of the process. No matter which vehicles you sell, the 8 steps are the path you can follow from the curb to the delivery with no ‘angst’ for you or the customer.


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