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Are You Listening – Or Waiting To Talk?

You listen to understand.
One of the biggest challenges most salespeople have in building more rapport, finding their prospect’s hot buttons, giving a great presentation and demonstration and in being able to close the sale and overcome their objections is simply being able to listen.
To listen, you have to know your product so well you don’t have to plan what you say next. You have to have practiced your questions, your closes and your methods to handle objections on the lot, as you close and in your negotiations so well that you can absolutely stop thinking while your prospect is talking.
Sounds easy enough, but listening to understand is just about the toughest thing for most people to do, especially in sales, because they’ve been led to believe that telling is selling.
Unfortunately, the opposite is true – you don’t ‘tell’ your way to a sale, you ‘ask’ your way to the sale.
You Have To Find Their 20%
Your prospects will make their decision to purchase based on just 20% of the features on the vehicle. The secret to selling more is learning how to find the 20% that is most important to each prospect so you can focus your presentation, demonstration, closing, objection handling and your negotiation on those critical features, advantages and benefits.
You have 2 ears and 1 mouth – learn to use them accordingly!

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