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Ask Joe

“When it’s time to promote a salesperson, what should we consider?

Most people consider all the wrong things about hiring or promoting someone to management: Can they work the desk? Can they appraise a trade? Can they manage the inventory? – etc.

There is no question, those are all important parts of the job. But how about considering the most important areas of the job you have open.

Everybody can learn to appraise a trade and I promise we can take your worst guy on the desk and get their gross and sales in line with the best, in just two days in our new desking class. But if they can’t manage the people, there won’t be any deals to work or trades to appraise.

The most important consideration when hiring or promoting someone to any level of sales management…

Can they learn how to train salespeople daily, coach them effectively to develop their skills and then manage the salespeople and their activities on a daily basis?

Somebody made us think salespeople deserve a shot at management simply because they’ve been there a long time or because they sell a lot of units.

To clarify: Nobody deserves a shot at destroying your sales force and your sales production. Not now, not ever.

I’d agree they may deserve an opportunity, but only if they’re eager to attend our 3 management classes and only if they have the ability to learn how to become an effective sales manager.