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Ask Joe: About Those ‘Be-Backs’

“Joe, when someone leaves without buying and then comes back in, why do you suggest we demo the vehicle again, before we go inside to work the deal?”

As an 8-car salesperson, when people came back, I was so pumped I’d head straight inside and get bummed when they left without buying. What happened? When people come back and say, “Let’s see what you can do,” they’re only doing the mental math, not thinking about how much they love the truck, and that’s why I was losing so many be-back sales.

Before you head inside, you need to light up all of those positive emotions before you start working that deal.

As the 30 car guy, I learned to respond with something close to, “Great, my manager should be free in a few minutes. While we wait, let’s take it for a quick spin and I’ll go over that map program again / show you … / make sure everything is OK / etc.”

On the demo, recap every hot button feature, advantage and benefit you know about them and paint positive mental pictures in their mind.

If you will, they’ll be much more flexible when you’re working the deal, and you’ll deliver more vehicles.


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