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Ask Joe

“How can I sell more units in this market
when we have a lot fewer people on the lot?”

If you look at the facts, it’s easy to sell more units in any market condition … just start doing a better job right now with every person you’re talking to on the lot.

In our survey and in all of our classes, salespeople agree that they talk to 4 people on the lot each day, on average. That’s 100 per month (4 x 25 work days = 100). 78% of the prospects on your lot will buy, so if you sell 10 units, statistically you’re missing 68 sales that end up buying down the street each month.

Cut that in half if you want. If you’re only talking to a couple of prospects (2) per day, statistically that still means you’re missing 34 sales each month that a salesperson down the street will end up collecting a commission on.

Sure, even I agree – missing 68 or even 34 are ‘perfect world’ losses. So let’s say the stats are twice too high and cut them in half, too. If you’re talking to 2 prospects each day, that still means you’re missing 17 sales you could be making, if you work smarter.

If that’s still too high, cut that number in half again and you can still pick up 8.5 per month for a couple more sales each week.

Save yourself – you can never win the argument about not being able to sell more. You can always sell more of the people who are coming on your lot today … if you learn how to sell more effectively, close the sale and overcome their objections.

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