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Averaging 100 Retail Units Monthly

A question from a salesperson for Ask Joe:

“I sell 15-20 units and I can’t believe someone can average 100 retail units a month. That would mean talking to  300-500 people every month.

I’ve only met a few people who sell over 100 per month and two of them were in our sales workshops. I know, or have heard of, 30-40 salespeople in the 70-90 unit range, I know lots in the 30-50 unit range and tons in the 20-30 unit range.

A couple of things…
• It’s not about floor traffic. I don’t know any 50 unit people who take ‘ups’. Repeat and referrals close at +/– 75%. So to deliver 30 units, you’d only need to put 40 of your own customers on the lot. To deliver 75, you’d just need 4 appointments a day if you worked 25 days.

• It’s about skills. Find out more about “Sold Customer Retention” or which online training courses to take on JVTN®.

• It takes organizational skills to average higher numbers. I got stuck at 18 until I developed the processes we teach today. And having some level of assistance really helps when everybody shows up at the same time, and to help you with customer questions, needs, etc.

If you’re at 20 and can’t see 100, that’s OK, most people can’t. Just take it as far as you can see now. Once you get there, you’ll be able to see your next level.

Just don’t stop improving and you’ll be amazed at how many more you can sell and how much you can earn selling cars.


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