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‘Best Price’

A friend wanted my help to buy a car. She knew exactly what she wanted, and just wanted me to help her get a ‘deal’.

I was buried, so I gave her the secret to finding the best deal in town…

I told her to call 5 dealerships, describe what she wanted, ask them for their ‘best price’, and call me back before she went into the dealership. I wanted to make sure she was getting a good price.

She did what I said and called me back with the ‘best price’ of the 5. And guess what – it was even lower than the price a friend of mine who manages one of those stores had given me!

I asked if she had any problems and she said it was the easiest car shopping she’d ever done. Only a couple of salespeople hesitated before going to their managers, then called her back with their very best deal.

Stop losing sales … you don’t take a sales call to give out your ‘best price’ – it’s to schedule an appointment for them to come in and select the ‘best vehicle’.

It’s important because 86% don’t buy the exact vehicle they describe, and 96% shop whatever price you give them.

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