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Biggest Paycheck Ever After JVTN

“My biggest paycheck ever after JVTN®!”

“I have been in the car business 16.5 years and I’ve been training on JVTN® for 5 months. When I say training on JVTN®, I mean watching the training chapters, taking great notes, taking the tests and practicing getting the words just right by saying the scripts out loud repeatedly. I learned the importance of bypassing price on the lot, not skipping any steps and to always be asking for the sale.

I sold 15 units in May , 15.5 units in June and 13 in July. By the way, it was my biggest month in pay ever in July! I took home $12,500, which was over $900 per car and I took 8 days off for a vacation! Joe, thanks for an incredible easy-to-follow process that when applied as you instruct…just plain works!”

-Dan Nougier, Salesperson, Toyota of Northwest Arkansas, AR


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