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Body Language

When you’re trying to get an agreement from your customer, slowly start nodding your head up and down as you’re talking to them about a feature or benefit.

It’s easy, practice this now…

Smile, nod your head and say out loud, “Won’t this be fun on those trips to the mountains?” Practice it again as if you’re talking to a customer who really enjoys driving those winding mountain roads – and relax, smile and nod your head as you say it.

If you practice this, soon you’ll start smiling and nodding every time you talk about something you know your customer will enjoy – like, “Won’t that be fun driving past the gas station without having to stop to fill up twice a week?”

You know about ‘yes’ questions, and you know those questions above will also get a ‘yes’ from the customer.

45 ‘yes’ responses, especially with a dozen or so nods to go along with them, will give you that 75% closing ratio most salespeople only dream of.
The only catch is that you also have to know how to sell, manage price conversations, and you have to know how to close, not just nod your head.

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