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Buying Is Emotional – Negotiation Is Logical

That’s why you can’t talk price until you’ve sold the vehicle. As soon as the conversation moves to money, they go from excitement to logic.

Closing and the negotiation itself are logic-based by default.

But the smart salesperson will also keep the emotions flowing throughout both of those processes.

When you do, you’ll close more sales at much higher gross profits.


Bob, you’ve been shopping for a week – and you know how hard it is to find this model (urgent logic).

Besides, you guys love the car, it has everything you wanted … plus you said your bags are already packed to head to the mountains on vacation and we’re talking pennies per day more than you want to spend (emotion).

So seriously now … (logic) let’s wrap this up and put all this shopping behind you so you can get out of here and start enjoying your new car…

(Assumptive close) You guys love it, so I’m going to tell my manager to write it up just the way he has it here, (closing question) did you want me to try to get the wheels put on today or should we do it tomorrow when we install the alarm?

[We’ll bring it back tomorrow.]


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