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Be careful who you listen to this year…

Every day, you hear something that could affect your success in sales today and long term.

Unfortunately, a lot of what most people hear is negative information that can hurt your career instead of helping you become more successful.

Why? Easy, just circle the bullets below about who’s sharing their ideas with you on your potential to grow.

Most of my input comes from:

High achievers and sales pros (20+) and it’s…

  • Positive – great tips.
  • Negative – why we can’t sell more.

Average salespeople and it’s…

  • Positive – great tips.
  • Negative – they never stop complaining about needing more traffic, competition, inventory, management and everything else.

If your goal is to make a lot of money this year, whether you’re talking to the lowest or the top salesperson, walk away from every conversation you hear that isn’t positive or you’ll find you’ve joined their club.

As you learn more in here, at our workshops, and on JVTN® – pick one skill a month, set a goal to master that one skill and you’ll sell more every year, the rest of your career.


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