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Went From $60,000 To $100,000+ With Joe Verde

“From $60,000 after my first class to $100,000 plus this year.” “I have only sold cars for a little over 3 years and this was my 4th Joe Verde Workshop.  My first year in this business I made a little over $60,000 following the Verde process. Last year, I made around $78,000, but this year things […]

Joe Speaks On Boosting Auto Sales At Industry Events

Joe Verde’s Upcoming Digital Dealer Workshops in CA, MD and Las Vegas, NV, Focuses On Boosting Auto Sales Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc. today announced that with sales projections and inventories on the rise for the automotive industry, Joe Verde will help Digital Dealer attendees create the processes and develop the sales and management skills […]

You Control Your Attitude

Your actions control your success. Your attitude controls your actions. You control your attitude. We all know learning more is not a requirement for most salespeople. In fact, even being required to go to-work-to-work and put in an effective shift every day usually isn’t required either. You should also know that selling more cars and […]

Joe Verde To Speak At NAMAD Meeting

Automotive sales training expert and author Joe Verde will address how dealers can recognize a dramatic improvement in sales and gross within 90 days during his special invitation workshop with the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) Annual Membership Conference taking place on July 10-12 in Miami, Fla. A prominent figure in the industry, […]

From Brand New To Salesperson Of The Month

“From brand new to salesperson of the month with JVTN®” “I’d been in the car business for about a month before I went to your class and sold just 6 cars. I had been training on JVTN® which helped me to understand the basics, and the Sales Workshop pulled everything together for me.  “Attitude was […]

Enthusiasm Sells So Get Excited!

Think about how successful you are on those days when you feel great. You know, when everything goes right and all of your customers are buyers. Well, they still haven’t come up with anything yet that’s better than your own enthusiasm to help you sell more units! Those cars, boats, motorcycles and RVs sitting out […]

Turn Your Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show

A new course offered on Joe Verde’s Training Network® (JVTN®) provides salespeople and managers in the automotive industry access to training on using the telephone more effectively to sell and build business in a dealership. This new online course, “Turning Incoming Sales Calls Into Appointments That Show” is the seventh course release this year by […]

Should We Work Longer, Harder & Put In More Time & Effort Right Now?

Will that really help very much? If you’re talking about just coming in to the dealership and staying longer every day while you just hang around, drink coffee, waste your day and complain even more about the lack of traffic – save yourself the effort because nothing will change. If you’re talking about putting in […]

Joe Verde’s ‘Earn Over 100K’ Sales Book To Develop High Achievers Now On 3rd Print Run

The latest sales book to help turn average salespeople into high achievers in automotive sales by Joe Verde is on its third print run. The book, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year,” is relied upon by managers and salespeople in the industry as a trusted resource to develop critical selling skills and habits. […]

Ask The Right Questions With New Online Course

Subscribers to JVTN®, Joe Verde’s virtual sales training network for the automotive industry, now have access to a new course for managers and salespeople. The new online course, “Ask The Right Questions And Close More Sales” features 11 interactive chapters, with additional bonus chapters of trainer discussions on key points, a management guide for your […]