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Blurred Lines Between Selling & Closing

See what I mean about the blurred lines between selling and closing? Everything you do to bring a customer into the dealership; turning incoming calls into appointments, prospecting in service, and retaining your sold customers – moves the sale forward. Everything you do in Steps 1-4 of our 8-Step Basics, from your attitude, to your […]

Be Persistent And Sell More

All things are difficult before they are easy.” Einstein got low scores in math, Churchill got poor grades in English, and both became two of the greatest men in history. When I say don’t give up, I’m not talking about just quitting – I’m talking about mentally throwing in the towel, because you missed a […]

How Serious Are They?

Ask Joe … “What do you do when a customer says they want to come in, but keep cancelling or missing their appointment? How do you know if they’re serious or not?” The next time you talk to them, ask, “Where are you now?” After they tell you, just say, “Hang on and I’ll be […]

What Would Happen If You Make Improving Your Priority?

The year is young. What can happen in 2016, if you make improving your priority? If you develop better selling skills… A great example from a veteran in sales… “I’ve been in the car business 26 years, and I’ve attended Joe’s Sales and Closing & Negotiating Workshops, and we have JVTN® in our dealership. Last […]

“How To Sell More Cars” DVD Package Available For Pre-Order

Joe Verde’s New ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVD Package Includes the 4 Most Important Courses on How to Sell Cars Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the new Joe Verde ‘Core 4’ Selling Skills DVD Package, which includes the 4 most important courses on how to sell cars, is now available for pre-order. […]

Make It Happen This Month

Want to sell more and earn more this month? Then do everything on this list! Look, act, sound and think like a pro! Leave all your problems at the curb right now, and go to work to sell some cars. WORK your full shift. Don’t stand around waiting for something to happen, just ‘work’. Read […]

Went from 7 units to 18 a month!

I went from 7 units to 18 a month! “Joe, I have been in automotive sales for the past 10 months. The first 3 months I was figuring things out on my own. The 4th month I attended your Sales Workshop and BAM!  What was a great job, became a great career. I was averaging about […]

How many closes do you need to know?

Logically, you need as many as it takes to close more sales than you do now. We teach well over 100 different ways to set you up to be able to ask for that last commitment, or handle the objection effectively to get the commitment. More important, we cover exactly what to say next, no […]

I Tripled My Income

“I tripled my income and I love my job!” “Joe – I was at my last job for 12 years and was in need of a change. I always loved the car business and started selling cars at the dealership where I’d bought all of my cars. I have been training on JVTN® since I […]

An Easy Objection

“I’ll think it over and get back to you,” is one of the easiest objections to handle. Instead of dropping the price or handing them your dismissal slip (business card) try this instead: “Bob, help me out for a second before you leave … this seems like the perfect vehicle for you guys, what is […]