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Facts About Buying & Selling

Which stats are most important? That’s a big question because there are about 100 ‘most important’ facts about the different areas that affect sales. Stats on customers, selling, closing, negotiation, follow up, calls & leads, and facts on prospecting, unsold follow up, retention and more. Here are the most important when it comes to making […]

Tip: Stay At Your Dealership

My wife and I were out looking for a new vehicle and talked to a salesperson who didn’t know me. He gave us a pretty good presentation and did a good job telling us about the product and the equipment levels and other options, and he offered us a demonstration. He went to all this […]

The Demonstration

The ‘make it or break it’ step in selling. Want to turn more of your driving presentations (demos) into more sales with higher commissions, and happier customers? If so, here are a few tips… • Before you drive any vehicle, make sure you heat up or cool down the inside, so they’ll be comfortable. • […]

Ask Joe

“At our 20 group last week we were talking about spiffs for salespeople. My question is – why should we have to pay our salespeople a spiff for doing a write up or for an appointment that shows up?” With dealers, when the talk eventually turns to pay, which it always does in almost every […]