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Ask Joe: Your Time and ‘Selling’ vs. ‘Working the Deal’

How much time should you spend ‘selling’ vs. ‘working the deal’? You’ll spend about 2 hours making most sales and the outcome depends on how you spend your time. a. Spend the first 20 minutes focused on the money and you’ll spend the better part of 2 hours negotiating price. Result: 6% Delivery Ratio b. […]

Joe’s New Book ‘Top 7’ Now Available As ‘Interactive’ PDF Version

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that Joe Verde’s book: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership,” has been released as a new unique ‘interactive’ PDF version in a workbook format, so that dealers and managers can use it as an educational-style, hands-on guide; fill in their own numbers and immediately […]

Went from 7 units to 18 a month!

I went from 7 units to 18 a month! “Joe, I have been in automotive sales for the past 10 months. The first 3 months I was figuring things out on my own. The 4th month I attended your Sales Workshop and BAM!  What was a great job, became a great career. I was averaging about […]

New Classes Added: Winter Workshops Series

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) announced today the dates of its fourth quarter plus more training workshop series. Five separate workshops are being offered at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. How To Sell A Car & Close The Sale Today is an interactive two-day workshop. The class focus is on […]

Making Dreams Become A Reality

“Thanks for making my dreams come true.”  “Joe as you always say – your success in the car business is based on YOU and your selling skills, your work  habits, your attitude, and your choice of customers (SHAC) . If it wasn’t for JVTN® online training, your trainers, and your incredible support staff, I wouldn’t […]

Joe Verde Summer Workshop Series Announced

Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc., today announced the dates of its summer training workshop series. Five separate auto sales training workshops are being offered at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. “Team Leadership” For Retail Sales Managers: How to Double Your Net Profit is a management education-focused workshop held over two days. […]

Turn Info Into Skills

A few years ago, I wanted to play golf. I bought clubs and videos on how to do everything from drive to putt. I watched every video and learned what I needed to do to become a good golfer. Quick question on that – how many skills did I develop watching those videos? Right – […]

10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. announced the release of a new eBook titled “10 Critical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs.” It is one of a planned series from Verde that provides invaluable data and advice in a quick, easy-to-read format. Commenting on the new eBook, Joe Verde stated: “Your competition is never […]

Telling Isn’t Selling

When you overhear a presentation, all you’ll usually hear is a lot of talking, mostly by the salesperson. Usually he or she is going on and on, telling the customer about the vehicle. In fact, most presentations start way before the salesperson even knows who it’s for, how the customer will use it, or why […]

Do You Know Who Is Your Hottest Prospect?

Average salespeople only deliver 10%. If they log just 2 people per day (50 total) it’s 20%. Regardless of how many you log, divide your deliveries by that number and your closing ratio will probably be 20% or less. Ex: 12 deliveries ÷ 60 ups = 20%. You can easily sell more by developing better […]