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Ask Joe: How can I make $15,000 more this year?

Joe, I want to increase my income by $15,000 this year. What’s my best plan and where do I focus?” You didn’t say how many units you sell now or how you’re doing, so let’s assume you meant $15k more in the next 7 months. The math is always first: $15,000 ÷ 7 months, means […]

Commissions are up, on track to earn $100,000

“Joe, in just six months I’m on track to earn over $100,000 this year.”  “I started selling cars just six months ago, and can’t express how incredible your training on JVTN® really is. I learned right from the start to trust in your New Basics to take the customer from a great greeting (without ever hearing […]

I Didn’t Even Ask About The Price…

I bought 3 different vehicles last year. I looked at one new SUV and asked the salesperson about the tow package and camera. He read the sticker and said, “It has those and adds $xxx to the price, but don’t worry, we can easily save you a few thousand.” I didn’t ask about the price, […]

Check Out The New Joe Verde Training Network

Check out our new front page on…Since thousands of you are subscribers, give us a call this week and let us know about your higher sales, gross & net profit from using JVTN®!

Joe’s New Book ‘Top 7’ Now Available As ‘Interactive’ PDF Version

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that Joe Verde’s book: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership,” has been released as a new unique ‘interactive’ PDF version in a workbook format, so that dealers and managers can use it as an educational-style, hands-on guide; fill in their own numbers and immediately […]

Sales Made Easy!

“I sold 30 units & my sales are easier!” “Last year at this time,  I was averaging about 17 units per month. After being in the business for 1-1/2 years, I realized my potential for success by following Joe Verde’s training and making sure that I treated my customers right. I sold 30 units in […]

From 130 Units to 239

“From 130 units @ $2,700 to 239 @ $4,100 with Joe’s training.” “I started as a salesman at Cass Burch with no experience in the car business and came to Joe Verde training before I did anything else. My third month I became salesman of the month and then salesman of the year. Cass Burch was […]

Making Dreams Become A Reality

“Thanks for making my dreams come true.”  “Joe as you always say – your success in the car business is based on YOU and your selling skills, your work  habits, your attitude, and your choice of customers (SHAC) . If it wasn’t for JVTN® online training, your trainers, and your incredible support staff, I wouldn’t […]

Units & Gross Are Up!

Units And Gross Up By Training on JVTN® “When I got in the car business 6 years ago, my manager had me watch Joe Verde over and over for the first week. I came out of the gates hungry and ready to apply what I learned. By my second month I was top salesperson, that […]

How To Handle Digital Leads – Joe Verde Interviewed On CBT

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc., announced that Joe Verde was interviewed at NADA 2015 by CBT News at the 2015 NADA Convention. An excerpt from his interview, discussing what to do once a digital lead come into your showroom, can now be viewed on CBT News: Auto dealers are doing everything they […]