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Ask Joe: Your Time and ‘Selling’ vs. ‘Working the Deal’

How much time should you spend ‘selling’ vs. ‘working the deal’? You’ll spend about 2 hours making most sales and the outcome depends on how you spend your time. a. Spend the first 20 minutes focused on the money and you’ll spend the better part of 2 hours negotiating price. Result: 6% Delivery Ratio b. […]

Ask Joe: How can I make $15,000 more this year?

Joe, I want to increase my income by $15,000 this year. What’s my best plan and where do I focus?” You didn’t say how many units you sell now or how you’re doing, so let’s assume you meant $15k more in the next 7 months. The math is always first: $15,000 ÷ 7 months, means […]

Commissions are up, on track to earn $100,000

“Joe, in just six months I’m on track to earn over $100,000 this year.”  “I started selling cars just six months ago, and can’t express how incredible your training on JVTN® really is. I learned right from the start to trust in your New Basics to take the customer from a great greeting (without ever hearing […]

I Didn’t Even Ask About The Price…

I bought 3 different vehicles last year. I looked at one new SUV and asked the salesperson about the tow package and camera. He read the sticker and said, “It has those and adds $xxx to the price, but don’t worry, we can easily save you a few thousand.” I didn’t ask about the price, […]

Check Out The New Joe Verde Training Network

Check out our new front page on…Since thousands of you are subscribers, give us a call this week and let us know about your higher sales, gross & net profit from using JVTN®!

Joe’s New Book ‘Top 7’ Now Available As ‘Interactive’ PDF Version

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced that Joe Verde’s book: “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources in Your Dealership,” has been released as a new unique ‘interactive’ PDF version in a workbook format, so that dealers and managers can use it as an educational-style, hands-on guide; fill in their own numbers and immediately […]

Sales Made Easy!

“I sold 30 units & my sales are easier!” “Last year at this time,  I was averaging about 17 units per month. After being in the business for 1-1/2 years, I realized my potential for success by following Joe Verde’s training and making sure that I treated my customers right. I sold 30 units in […]

From 130 Units to 239

“From 130 units @ $2,700 to 239 @ $4,100 with Joe’s training.” “I started as a salesman at Cass Burch with no experience in the car business and came to Joe Verde training before I did anything else. My third month I became salesman of the month and then salesman of the year. Cass Burch was […]

Making Dreams Become A Reality

“Thanks for making my dreams come true.”  “Joe as you always say – your success in the car business is based on YOU and your selling skills, your work  habits, your attitude, and your choice of customers (SHAC) . If it wasn’t for JVTN® online training, your trainers, and your incredible support staff, I wouldn’t […]

Units & Gross Are Up!

Units And Gross Up By Training on JVTN® “When I got in the car business 6 years ago, my manager had me watch Joe Verde over and over for the first week. I came out of the gates hungry and ready to apply what I learned. By my second month I was top salesperson, that […]